One key highlight is the curation platform displaying space design philosophy through realistic 3D-printed models, setting a new standard in exhibition presentation.






Design Shenzhen 2024 showcased a blend of classic and contemporary design visions, revolving around the theme of "The Intriguing Fusion of Design and Technology." The Vase Lounge Chair garnered acclaim at Design Shenzhen 2024 for its groundbreaking utilization of AI technology in design. Through AI-driven workflows and 3D printing, the designers crafted sophisticated chair concepts with unparalleled aesthetics.  Integrating AI tools facilitated rapid prototyping, iterative design, and functional optimization, culminating in a high-quality product setting new standards in furniture design. The Beatles Lounge Chair, a creation by Mario Tsai, drew inspiration from the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, showcasing a unique charm blending nature-inspired aesthetics with functional comfort.  Tsai's adept use of materials like Nordic red pine, plywood, and high-resilience foam highlighted his creativity in translating everyday objects into compelling furniture pieces. The Lord Lounge Chair excelled in comfort and support, embodying sophistication with its enveloping seat shell and versatile base options catering to various settings. Lastly, the Wayne Lounge Chair blended traditional and innovative design elements, offering a modern twist on classic aesthetics.

Yet, Design Shenzhen has carefully pivoted towards GRADO’s classic representations, such as the Lord Pod Chair, Lord Lounge Chair, Hug Chair, Wings Chair, and Long Lounge Chair. These iconic pieces embody a blend of traditional sleekness and modern functionality tailored for office and commercial settings. To bring a touch of versatility and sophistication, a shift has been made to envelop them in dark-toned, retro, and luxurious upholstery. This transformation allows these staple designs to seamlessly adapt to a broader range of application scenarios, elevating their style quotient beyond mere formality. The infusion of these distinguished pieces with a dark-toned, retro, and luxe aesthetic enables them to exude a newfound stylish allure, transcending conventional boundaries and embracing a more contemporary and elegant essence.  


GRADO continues the pursuit of classic style during Milan Design Week, with a focus on the revival of Bauhaus aesthetics and the evolution of modern mid-century influences in contemporary furniture design. Bauhaus style originated in the early 20th century, emphasizing form following function, geometric shapes, simple lines, and the use of modern materials. This design movement quickly gained international recognition, impacting architecture, furniture, and art. Exhibited pieces such as the Mocacchio Sofa, Candy Cane Barstool, and Flowing Trolley embody the Bauhaus style with features like polished stainless steel, ergonomic design, and functional yet stylish elements. The Modern Mid-century Style, which evolved from the 1930s to the 1970s, combines Bauhaus modernism with organic architecture, focusing on minimalist design principles and timeless forms over function. Pieces like the Kitty Chair, Forest Chair, Taco Chair, Sundae Table, Planets Bedside Table, and Plum Modular Sofa exemplify this era's essence.

Another highlight is the debut of the Solar Lounge Chair. This chair unveils the traditional Yi embroidery art from Liangshan Prefecture of Sichuan Province, which holds the distinguished honor of being listed as the Ninth Batch of the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage by the State Council. The chair's design ingeniously integrates cultural heritage into contemporary furniture, a concept well-received internationally. We take special care in infusing the symbolism and motifs of the Yi ethnic group into the chair's design. By incorporating traditional Yi embroidery patterns and totemic symbols, selecting materials significant to Yi culture, and employing traditional craftsmanship techniques, GRADO successfully bridges the past with the present, celebrating the unique heritage and artistry of the Yi ethnic group. This fusion of contemporary furniture design with traditional Yi cultural elements resonated with a diverse audience, showcasing the universal appeal of cultural heritage in innovative design.  

Clerkenwell Design Week 05/2024_MOVE INTO UK RESIDENTIAL

CDW 2024 showcases three key styles in collaboration with LOFT: Bohemian, Modern, and Vintage. Each style offers a unique design aesthetic that appeals to different preferences and design tastes. The Bohemian style is influenced by 19th-century Paris and features an eclectic mix of textures and colors to create a cozy and inviting space.  The Modern style combines Scandinavian simplicity with contemporary lines, focusing on minimal decor and clean lines. The Vintage style draws inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s, emphasizing comfort and nostalgia with its charming ambiance.  These styles cater to a diverse range of design preferences, providing a variety of options for individuals seeking to enhance their living spaces with distinct and stylish elements.

CDW 2024 walks into British residential design aesthetics. The Bohemian style, inspired by 19th-century Paris, offers an eclectic mix of textures and colors, creating a cozy space with fringed tapestries and crochet cushions. The Fatty Sofa, a centerpiece embodying boldness and quality, boasts a modular system design with up to 18 SKUs and goose-down filling for comfort. In contrast, the Modern style, represented by the Salami Modular Sofa, combines Scandinavian simplicity with contemporary lines. Crafted with meticulous detail, this sofa features a sleek silhouette, high-resilience foam, and a waterproof finish, ideal for modern interiors. Elegantly curved, the Vintage Mate Lounge Chair exudes a nostalgic charm with its plush velvet upholstery and U-shaped back, inviting users to unwind in comfort and style. Each piece in this collection reflects a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and craftsmanship, offering a contemporary lifestyle enriched with classic touches.

CDW 2024 also explores the innovative synesthesia design approach, encompassing the Vase Lounge Chair and New Neutral Space Design. This design revolution signifies an advance toward utilizing cross-sensory mapping and interconnected sensory dimensions to push contemporary design boundaries.  The event features avant-garde creations like the Vase Lounge Chair, showcasing the amalgamation of AI data models to foster innovation in design. The inclusion of synesthesia introduces a unique dimension to the design process, empowering designers to craft products that engage users through novel and immersive experiences. By unraveling the complex relationship between sensory stimuli and design outcomes, the synesthetic approach enriches user experiences by building a multisensory framework that goes beyond traditional design methodologies. This approach aims to captivate users holistically, evoke emotional responses, and establish enduring connections, paving the way for innovative design solutions. CDW 2024 event sheds light on the importance of experiential space design in office renovations to attract younger generations back to traditional work settings. The strategic fusion of elements from hospitality, retail, and residential spaces plays a crucial role in creating memorable experiences that resonate with diverse preferences and expectations.


Design Shanghai 2024 aims to showcase the pinnacle of creativity and innovation, captivating creative minds and decoding the latest designer series with enhanced precision. The event, expected to draw over 100,000 visitors, boasts a refined exhibition layout across four dynamic halls, each focusing on distinct design elements. Moreover, Design Shanghai 2024 is set to foster collaborations and offer captivating experiences through innovative creations. Designer series engages renowned designers worldwide including Yingjie Leung, Designschneider, Weng Xinyu, and Hanson Dong, will present their groundbreaking designs like the Locus Chair(shown above), Bento Sofa, Venerdi Lounge Chair, and Fly Lounge Chair, each embodying unique styles and pushing the boundaries of contemporary design aesthetics.  Each designer's distinct approach and vision promise an exciting and inspiring experience for visitors, enriching the platform with a harmonious blend of global design philosophies and innovative advancements.

At DESIGN SHANGHAI 2024, one of the key highlights is the construction of a curation platform that showcases the GRADO space design philosophy through 3D-printed real-world-like models at the forefront of the showcase. This innovative approach not only presents the brand's commitment to cutting-edge design but also demonstrates a unique and immersive experience for visitors. By utilizing advanced technology to create detailed and realistic 3D-printed models, GRADO is effectively showcasing its space design philosophy in a tangible and engaging manner, setting a new standard in exhibition presentation at the event.

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