GRADO SS24 LOOKBOOK: Urban Decay Collapses into Natural Embrace

SS24 interior aesthetic style signifies a deliberate thematic progression from urban decay and industrial transformation towards introspection and rejuvenation

GRADO's exploration of the 2024 Spring-Summer interior aesthetic style signifies a deliberate thematic progression from urban decay and industrial transformation towards introspection and rejuvenation. In Spring 2024, the focus on urban decay serves as a metaphor for resilience and renewal, symbolizing the capacity to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.  Embracing the beauty within abandoned spaces, this theme evokes creativity and reinvention, offering a profound narrative for adaptation amidst adversity.

Transitioning into Summer 2024, deep green tones and botanical elements take center stage, emphasizing a shift towards reconnecting with nature for personal wellness.  Activities like forest bathing and secluded retreats in green spaces highlight the need for balance and inner peace in urban environments dominated by hustle and bustle.  This change further underscores a desire for serenity, harmony, and self-care, providing a holistic approach to well-being and design aesthetics for the year.

The concepts of urban decay and the industrial pre-digital era embody the evolution of urban landscapes as industries progress and technology advances.  Urban decay refers to the deterioration of urban infrastructure due to neglect or economic decline, reflecting societal and economic shifts over time. Contrastingly, the industrial pre-digital era, characterized by manual labor and mechanical production, exudes an authentic industrial aesthetic valued for its rawness and historical significance.

GRADO risks eccentric interior designs and wonders whether it could be a custom norm for the minorities of Gen Z to immerse in cyberpunk aesthetics tinged with industrial "basement" style, as it seems we have unlocked some indie potential through Baksters and Cun design studio.  Raw edges with little surface treatment are fairly restrained with slim metal wires to alleviate visual roughness, yet the overwhelming dark tone across the canvas may still cause mental pressure.  Therefore we assigned the sleek set of Wings, Every, and Bunny Chair at the reception hub, especially featuring the earthy hues to dilute the color density.  However, while approaching the internal, an array of lightweight Mou Chairs in deep green and blue help avoid the boredom of lightlessness.


GRADO's depiction of industrial vulnerability in the Spring 2024 theme resonates with exposing outdated production modes from within, reminiscent of a scene featuring a torn wall and faint rust stains. To contrast this aged industrial backdrop, GRADO introduces a collection of modern, sleek, dark-toned, and leathery furniture pieces like the BENTO Sofa, Gondola Sofa, and Wayne lounge chair that take a prominent position in the interior setting.  These contemporary pieces serve as focal points, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the space.


While the industrial vulnerability theme emphasizes the passage of time and the impact of wear and tear on the surroundings, the inclusion of classic textile-based combinations such as the Swell Sofa, Pebble Coffee Table, and Belly Lounge Chair delves deeper into the concept of retro comfort and relaxation within the ambient undertint background.  These classic pieces create a nuanced contrast, weaving a narrative of historical charm and traditional aesthetic elements against the backdrop of industrial decay, highlighting the versatility and adaptability of design styles within a space.


In contrast, forest bathing and botanical retreats represent a counterbalance, promoting relaxation and emotional well-being through immersion in natural environments. The practice of Shinrin-yoku, known for its therapeutic benefits, offers an escape from urban life's rapid pace, fostering tranquility and a stronger connection with the natural world.


The juxtaposition of urban decay and the industrial pre-digital era with the themes of forest bathing and botanical retreat reflects the human experience of reconciling industrialization with a yearning for natural serenity and restoration.  This contrast highlights the intricate balance between urban development and the intrinsic need for a peaceful connection with nature amidst an ever-evolving urban landscape.

"Girl mossing," a burgeoning wellness trend, advocates for embracing nature as a retreat from the pressures of modern urban life, challenging the relentless hustle culture of neoliberal capitalism.  Popular on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, girl mossing encourages individuals, especially women and young adults, to find solace in nature by engaging in activities that promote relaxation and appreciation for natural surroundings, with moss being a central element.
At its core, girl mossing rejects societal pressures to constantly pursue success, offering a respite from the productivity-driven expectations of a "girlboss" culture.  Through a laid-back approach to life and intentional moments of unproductivity, girl mossing symbolizes resistance to norms that prioritize achievement over well-being.  This trend underscores the human need for connection with nature, allowing individuals to step back peacefully from the relentless pursuit of success and perfection, highlighting the importance of rest and rejuvenation.

Overall, GRADO's exploration of the 2024 Spring-Summer interior aesthetic style encapsulates a journey from urban decay and degradation towards full introspection, resilience, and a deeper appreciation for natural serenity and well-being.

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