New Arrival: Designschneider's BENTO Leads the Bauhaus Revival

The renowned German studio pays homage to Bauhaus's deconstructive theory, reintroducing its influence into a modern home-office setting, where the marriage of form and function remains a hallmark of design smart.

Following the first BEOS Lounge Chair, the BENTO sofa, a modern reinterpretation of the Bauhaus classic also by the recognized German design studio, Designschneider for GRADOCONTRACT, brings us back to iconic Bauhaus tenet. With its clear geometric profiles, straight outlines, and balanced construction, it exudes a refined minimalist beauty. Contemporary design has experienced a resurgence in the ideology of the Bauhaus movement, finding inspiration in its fundamental principles and innovative spirit. The Bauhaus school, founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, sought to unite art and industrial design, emphasizing the functionality, simplicity, and mass production of everyday objects. This emphasis on form following function has become a hallmark of contemporary design, as designers and artists recognize the enduring relevance of creating practical, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing products for modern living.

One significant reason for the resurgence of the Bauhaus mentality in contemporary design is its strong focus on minimalism and clean lines, which align with the modern preference for sophistication revealed underneath the form of simplicity and elegance. The Bauhaus's commitment to rational, simple, and useful design has strongly influenced contemporary furniture, architecture, and graphic design, reflecting a shared appreciation for streamlined silhouettes, experimental use of materials, and strategic colors. Furthermore, the movement's emphasis on technology and mass production corresponds with contemporary design's integration of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable manufacturing practices. Another reason behind the revival of Bauhaus ideology in contemporary design is its enduring impact on inclusive and accessible design. The school's pioneering approach to considering the needs of all individuals, including those with disabilities, is reflected in the current focus on creating accessible and user-friendly products and spaces. The pursuit to improve accessibility and functionality has become increasingly relevant today, as designers strive to ensure their creations are inclusive and accommodating to diverse users.

The BENTO series just comes off being with the sleek steel frame and plush cushions capturing such a spacious, effortless elegance, representing the essence of Bauhaus architecture in a contemporary office and business setting. Particularly considering that it offers versatile configurations, including armchairs, two-seaters, and three-seater sofas, reflecting the emphasis on multi-functionality and adaptability. This collection is designed for both standalone use and modular combinations, catering to diverse environments, from private residences to public spaces such as corporate lounges and hotel lobbies.

For instance, the recommended combination scheme of the Bento Sofa, YOYO Bench, and Skirt Table easily curates a perfect stage for home-office lounging and socializing near a bar table. Meanwhile, the leathery Every Barstools and Fly Lounge Chair on two sides keep softening the serious working atmosphere with an earth-toned, approachable light yellow cover, complementing the emerald marble piled bar counter wall.  Although having embodied the iconic Bauhaus aesthetics with all clear geometric shapes, straight lines, and balanced proportions, the Bento series carefully avoids becoming too much of a business style for the hospitality industry, ensuring its compatibility in various settings, as seen in the previous vibrant furniture collection. Through this refreshing collection, the renowned German studio pays homage to Bauhaus's deconstructive theory, reintroducing its influence into a modern office setting, where the marriage of form and function remains a hallmark of design smart.

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