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United Nations World Food Programme Office

Bangkok, Thailand

Founded in 1962, the World Food Programme is the United Nations agency responsible for the multi-lateral food aid, which is committed to eliminating hunger, settling regional conflicts and other international issues. It is rewarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2020.

In the rectangular space in Bangkok, Thailand, wood materials are largely used to spur affinity. The well-ventilated space, divided by the dark glass doors, appears ever more diversified with the combinations of furniture for multiple scenarios. Chairs of different sizes, volumes and styles scattered in the space break the atmosphere of traditional offices yet reshape in invisibility. Bar tables and stools placed by the window meet the needs of workers for personal space and their longing for the outside.

Project Name: United Nations World Food Programme Office

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Area: Office and public area

Products: Fungo Foot Pier / Puffy Lounge Chair / Dash Barstool

Canal Vanke Center Office

Hangzhou, China

Canal Vanke Center is an automobile-themed office industrial park integrating business, leisure and exhibition with a total construction area of 376,000 square meters. Located in the 15th floor, the office space features a unique layout and new office experience, thus contributing to the future development of the industry.

The furniture strictly selected from Grado is different from the previously heavy public ones. Our designers value changes in color to make the space more dynamic and appealing. The separated white area and burlywood benches, in coordination with the green plants, bring inner freshness in employees and offer a more vigorous environment. Office desks and chairs of various styles create an international, scientific and modern office atmosphere which breaks the traditionally rigid office environment with superior vision. With specific orientation of each functional area in mind, the designers place the furniture in well order, forming a pleasant ambience to enhance communication and cooperation among employees.


Location: Hangzhou, China

Area: Office and public area

Products: Fatty Sofa / Puffy Lounge  Chair / Dash Barstool/ Lord Pod Chair / Lord Office Chair / Queen Chair / Stilo Chair

Design Plus Design Headquarters

Guangzhou, China

DPD headquarters is a new type of space combination that fuses art, work, and leisure. Various spaces blend together here, and a unique aesthetic unifies them, like different dimensions intersecting here.

In the space surrounded by design inspiration, Grado furniture transforms the designer's imagination into reality with its fusion and innovation of life and work concepts. The Fatty sofa creates a scene that is both a space for guests to wait and negotiate, and a place for employees to relax or have group meetings. The office chairs and frame workstations integrate the original living atmosphere of the company with a sense of order. The restrained colors make the space quieter, and the open office environment facilitates communication and collaboration among employees, improving work efficiency.

Project Name: Design Plus Design (DPD) Headquarters

Location: Guangzhou, China

Area: Office and public area

Products: Fatty Sofa / Queen Chair

Atrium Investment Management

Sydney, Australia

Atrium Investment Management is a specialist global investment management firm based in Sydney. The firm was established with a passion for providing leading investment solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of clients. Atrium manages client capital across both diversified portfolios as well as specific asset class portfolios. Atrium’s client base includes institutions, financial advisers, family offices and endowments as well as charities. The Atrium offices offer a pretty trendy living workspace with its anti-office furniture selection and interiors design.

Project Name: Atrium Investment Management

Location: Sydney, Australia

Area: Office and public area

Products: Swell Sofa / Fatty Sofa / Belly Lounge Chair / Sheep Chair

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