Grado's Journey to Milan Design Week

GRADO interprets our cultural identity, embraces the diversity of the world, and writes new narratives through furniture design.

With an inclusive and curious attitude, GRADO explores our cultural roots, sheds our pride, and seeks new order. We are drawn to the richness and complexity of the world, we are engaged with the dynamic and boundless world. Our philosophy is manifested in this GRADO Milan Design Week's brand exposure and forum.

▲Buddha sofa

▲Lili Lounge

▲Beos Lounge

▲Lamma Lounge

▲Swell Sofa

▲Cloud Sofa

▲Pebble coffee table

It is worth mentioning that at this Milan Design Exhibition, GRADO will debut its new product sofa - Lamma Lounge Chair.

Lamma lounge chair is the first collaboration between Grado and Claudio Bellini, a fusion of architecture and design. The sofa is composed of simple lines, adorned with different fabrics, adding vitality to the space. It is an ideal choice for the office space.

Claudio Bellini was born in Milan in 1963, a renowned architect of Italy. He founded the design studio CLAUDIO BELLINI, which is now one of the most famous design studios in Italy, active in the fields of architecture, interior and product design.

At that time, designer Claudio Bellini will attend the Milan Design Week exhibition, together with GRADO, to introduce the product story and design concept of Lamma lounge chair.

Jointly Curated with Design Plus Design

This exhibition is jointly curated by DESIGN PIUS DESIGN as the design guide, GRADO as the design brand, Jiangnan Masters Club and Design Spring as the cooperative brands.

We will jointly design this exhibition, to make it a perfect presentation.

In the exhibition activities, there will be GRADO designers to tell you our product stories, and there will be more interesting content waiting for you to explore.

Inspiration  Innovation  Imagination

GRADO's furniture design draws inspiration from traditional culture, from concepts, from design.

It is whimsical, yet subtle. Innovation is never a problem for GRADO, because we are always curious about the richness of the world.

GRADO Design has a strong imagination, which allows us to actively participate in the dynamic and boundless world.

Lost & Found, Norm & New

Due to the epidemic, GRADO's Milan Design Week trip has been interrupted for 3 years. For GRADO, 3 years of precipitation have made us more mature.

As a furniture design brand, we also face opportunities and challenges in the development of the international market, and these all require us to constantly adjust, upgrade and change.

This time, we will not hesitate to re-integrate into the international social order, bringing the products that have been precipitated for three years to a new life.

GRADO will join you to return to 2023 and open a new dimension.

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